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Daily Outdoor: 2015 Gear of the Year – Play

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Nick and Clint announced the Play category of the 50 Campfires Gear of the Year awards beginning with the Advanced Elements: AdvancedFrame Sport inflatable kayak. Why is that awesome? This kayak can store in the trunk of your car or in the closet of your small apartment. Plus, when it’s inflated it’s hard as a rock to take a lot of beating on your next white water kayaking trip. Next up is the OneWheel. This board has only one wheel in the middle of it (hence the name) and is so cool looking we had to nominate it. Because it has a large wheel in the middle it’s ideal for taking on more level trails, but it’s not confined to the pavement like many other recreational scooters and skateboards. Then we have to have some tunes at the campsite. For this we nominated the Scosche: boomBOTTLE+ that goes in a cupholder, water bottle holder on your bike and features 360 degree sound that can even be paired for one phone to control 2 speakers. Next on the list is the Spikeball: Combo Meal Set that is a unique take on volleyball that morphs the game into a trampoline looking set up on the ground that two teams compete around. With similar rules to volleyball, this game is very different in it’s look and it’s small area requirements. Finally we have awarded the Stanley: Adventure Happy Hour 2X System our prestigious 2015 Gear of the Year award for it’s innovation combining several different containers, strainers, juicers and glasses into one slick design the size of a water bottle. Happy hour at the campsite just became more convenient with this compact design by Stanley. These are the awards in the Play category. Next in our sequence of 2015 Periscope Gear of the Year announcements is the Personal category.

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