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Essential Gear for Ice Fishing

With strong winds, freezing temperatures, and ice-cold water, ice fishing conditions are unique. You’re often kneeling in frozen slush, your hands are constantly wet, and you’re trying to stay warm during a day full of fishing. If you’re planning a big ice-fishing trip and you’re looking for some new gear to stay comfortable, make sure you pick up some of these ice-fishing gear essentials.

GCI Kickback Rocker

Image by GCI

The Kickback Rocker works well as an ice-fishing chair. It’s a little lower than other models, which made it easier to switch bait and tend to the hole. It folds up small and uses a peg closure system rather than a bag, making it easy to set up when scouting for a fishing spot.

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit Outdoor Grill Bundle

Image by Fireside Outdoor

We can’t think of a more ideal firepit for ice fishing. The heat shield eliminates the possibility of melting snow, and the total weight is just under six pounds. It sets up in a minute and easily handled roaring bonfires all night long.

Briggs & Stratton P4500 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator

Image by Briggs & Stratton

Sleeping on the ice for four days meant a lot of things needed power, from electric ice augers to camera gear. The Briggs & Stratton got it done easily with power to spare. The electric start is an especially handy feature.

Disc-O Bed XL

Image by Disc-O

If two people are sleeping in a pop-up fishing shelter, a bunk bed cot is the only way to go. The Disc-O Bed XL offers a great setup. It allows two people to get a good night’s sleep and left enough room for angling in front of the bunks.

Ascend Hex 0 Degrees Mummy Sleeping Bag

Image by Cabela’s

Sleeping overnight on the ice tends to get a little chilly to say the least, so a solid zero bag is a must. The Ascend Hex Features a full-length draft tube and a chest baffle to lock in heat. The offset seams help to eliminate cold spots. Bonus: It actually fits back into the stuff sack.

Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp

Image by Princeton Tec

Running across the ice in the middle of the night to check tip-ups is a lot easier with a good headlamp. The Princeton Tec Byte is small, light and comfortable to wear over a stocking hat. The 100-hour burn time on the low setting easily lasted for several days of night fishing.

Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven 90

Image by Camp Chef

The Women On Ice ate like queens all weekend One of the highlights was homemade pizza straight from the Camp Chef Artisan Pizza oven. It fits on top of the Pro 90X three-burner stove and, wow—talk about a killer slice of pizza!

Women’s Muck Boot Arctic Ice Extreme

Image by Muck Boot

Standing on the ice all day requires a warm, rugged boot, and the Arctic Ice Extreme from Muck fills the bill. The Vibram sole is specifically designed to provide maximum grip on ice, and the upper’s slip-on style is great for quick runs to the tip-ups at night.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Image by Kidde

When you’re using propane heaters in a pop-up ice fishing shelter, safety is the number one priority. Even though shelter heaters typically have CO2 shutoff features, you should have a backup. An additional carbon monoxide detector ensures a safe night’s sleep.

Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp Bluetooth Lantern

Image by Princeton Tec

This is one clever little lantern! The adjustable legs make it easy to hold in multiple positions, as well as function as a table lantern. The Bluetooth feature makes it easy to turn off and on from bed, and it compresses for easy storage.

CLAM Thermal X-600 Hub Shelter

Image by CLAM

You’re not going to last more than a night on the ice if you don’t have a comfortable home away from home. The CLAM Thermal X-600 retains hear and has an optional floor that attaches to the sides. Add a few rugs and you’ve basically got an efficiency apartment that you never want to leave.

CLAM Rise Float Bibs

Image by CLAM

You can never be too safe on the ice, which makes the CLAM Rise Float Bibs a smart choice, in the rare but unfortunate event you fall into the water. It’s something you never want to rely on, but if it happens the extra buoyancy could save your life. They’re warm as can be, and the waterproof phone pocket is a nice bonus.

Mr. Heater

Image by Mr. Heater

Mr. Heater has been around forever, and its portable heating devices are probably the number one thing that makes an afternoon of ice fishing truly comfortable. No matter how cold you get out on the ice, you can always hop in the shelter and fire this little guy up.

Fish Monkey Wooly Gloves

Image by Fish Monkey Wooly Gloves

When you’re ice fishing, your hands go from wet to dry all day long. The Fish Monkey Wooly Gloves are great because wool insulates even when it becomes damp. The studded synthetic later also provides a solid grip for angling.

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