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‘Fairly Common Here in the Desert’: Watch as a Dust Devil Rearranges a Neighborhood in Nevada

A home security camera captured the power of a dust devil tearing through a neighborhood in Nevada.

The Ring camera company shared the video from a homeowner identified as Angela in Henderson, Nevada. Angela says she was in the backyard when suddenly all of the objects in the yard lifted off and were thrown through the air.

The camera in the front of the house captured the chaos as an umbrella and trashcans went flying. Angela says, fortunately, no one was hurt, and there wasn’t too much damage from the brief gust.

“Dust devils are fairly common here in the desert, but they seem to be getting worse and worse. I guess that’s climate change for you,” Angela told Ring. “We seemed to have quite a few views and comments on the neighborhood page about it.”

According to the National Weather Service, dust devils are a common wind phenomenon often found in places like Nevada or Arizona. They are dust-filled vortices created by strong surface heat, creating a less intense and smaller version of a tornado. They typically only last a few minutes before dissipating.

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