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From Mushrooms to Berries, You Can Make Your World More Edible With These Online Foraging Classes

Are you looking to sharpen your outdoor foraging skills? Knowing what you can and can’t eat opens a new world of outdoor fun. Taking an online foraging class is a great way to get started. From mushrooms to berries, foraging can not only be a fun activity, but it’s a great survival tactic. 

Here are some online classes you can check out to help you learn the basics of foraging.

The Online Class for Beginners

The Herbal Academy
Cost: Starting at $50

A quick Google search will land plenty of ads and results for the Herbal Academy. The popularity comes from national attention and features in magazines like Us Weekly and Elle

The organization generally focuses on herbalism, medicines, and foraging. One of the best benefits of their courses is their price. The beginner foraging class is just over $50, so it’s a great way to learn more without over-committing or breaking the bank.

The online foraging class runs through five lessons, starting with identifying plants and teaching how to prepare and eat them.

online foraging class
Foraging for mushrooms. (Source: Getty Images)

Traditional Learning With a Focus on Foraging

Centre for Excellence
Cost: $141

For a more in-depth course, there is the Centre for Excellence foraging class. The class is 150 hours long and covers foraging in different seasons. Specific sections focus on mushrooms and psychotropics, which are plants and fungi that alter your mind.

The Centre for Excellence is based in the UK but is an internationally recognized online learning platform with courses in various topics.

The organization’s foraging class is $141 for the single class, and payment plans are also available.

Focus on Mushroom Foraging

Mushroom Exam
Cost: $15-$45

This may be the right course for you if you want to increase your knowledge and foraging expertise in mushrooms.

Mushroom Exam is a website created by mycologists focused on helping others identify mushrooms. Mushrooms run from sweet snacks to highly poisonous, so understanding what you have is critical.

One of the best benefits of this site is you can try out the intro course for free to see if you like Mushroom Exam’s teaching style. From there, you can take specific courses on identifying mushrooms in places like the UK or US. They also have seminars in morel mushrooms and psychedelics. These online foraging classes range in price from $15 to $45.

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