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Gearing Up For Field Trip: Great River Road

One MAJOR requirement of all the gear tested on 50 Campfires Field Trip: Great River Road. It had to provide stellar performance in extreme heat and humidity. All of this equipment came through to keep the team as comfortable and positive as it’s possible to be in that kind of conditions.

Groove Ring

It may not seem like a simple thing, like a silicone wedding band, could make a big difference. But when you’re as active as the team is on 50 Campfires Field Trips and when you’re dealing with heat that’s triple digit and the humidity is close behind, it does. The Groove Ring features many advantages for active outdoors people, but one that stood out on Field Trip: Great River Road is the porting for perspiration and airflow cut built into the inside of their rings.


COAST PX1R Flashlight

Besides being rechargeable or using traditional alkaline batteries, the magic of the COAST PX1R Flashlight is its small size, sleek design, and Pure Beam Focusing Optics. With a simple twist the beam shifts from a super-wide flood to a focused spotlight that reaches far down range with a transition halo that allows for large area viewing around the tight spot beam. Whether spotting gators in the swamp or just navigating around the nighttime campsite, the Boys relied on their COAST PX1R lights during the entire Field Trip: Great River Road.


Camp Chef Stryker Stove

50 Campfires Field Trip gear needs to be as compact as possible. In many cases, the team is flying to their launch point, then loading four people … and all their camping and camera gear … into a vehicle and hitting the road. Space is at a premium. Check that box for the Camp Chef Stryker Stove system. On the Field Trip: Great River Road the Stryker was critical because it allowed for cooking in the oppressive heat without having to light a grill or campfire that would generate more heat. And, the Stryker is on, lit, and ready too cook in seconds. Win, win, win!


Quick-Set Escape Shelter by Clam

Bugs could have been a tremendous annoyance on the Field Trip: Great River Road, but at the campsite they became a non-issue with the Quick-Set Escape shelter by Clam. It sets up in seconds (takes down just as fast) and provides a formidable barrier for campsite insects. The hidden beauty of the Escape is it is sized to fit over a standard picnic table and still offer plenty of room to move around. You’ll discover it may become the hub of all activity at your campsite or in your back yard.


Buff Headwear

If you haven’t heard of it already, you should have. Buff Headwear is everywhere! They are super versatile headbands that can be worn in a multitude of configurations. They provide warmth, do an amazing job with evaporative cooling, shield the wearer from harmful UV rays, and … in an incredible variety of prints and patterns … well , they just look cool. In the heat and sun of June on the Great River Road, the 50 Campfires team gave their Buffs a real workout.


COAST FDX302 Knife

Every day carry takes on a whole new meaning on a 50 Campfires Field Trip. The team is often using their pocket knives more than they are not. Everything from cutting rope to slicing watermelon or even tomatoes—the same knife gets all the work. On the Great River Road, the COAST FDX302 got and answered the call. It’s especially adept because it features COAST’s double lock system providing assurance the knife isn’t going to close unexpectedly. Stainless steel throughout, the FDX302 is up for any task.


Eagle Claw Collapsible Fishing Rods

Inexpensive. Versatile. Compact. For the kind of space-is-at-a-premium kind of camping and informal fishing the Boys do on 50 Campfires Field Trips, the Eagle Claw Collapsible Combos are a perfect choice. Rod extends from about a foot to 5’ 6”. Spinning reel comes preloaded with line and ready to cast baits from 1/8 to ½ ounce. Perfect for most freshwater fishing you’ll encounter when your camping.


Teva Original Universal Sandals

Often, you just can’t beat a total classic. That was the case with footwear on the 50 Campfires Field Trip: Great River Road. The team lived in its Teva sandals. Any other footwear was just too hot and to confining in the oppressive heat. And when you’re in and out of the water with as many miles to go as they had … again, nothing beats a total classic. Rugged. Versatile. Universal. You know Tevas. It’s why the name has become synonymous with sandals.


Rheos Floating Sunglasses

Spend as much time around water as the team does on 50 Campfires Field Trips, and it won’t take long to build great appreciation for floating sunglasses. They put Rheos through their paces on Field Trip: Great River Road and give them great marks in every category … especially price. At around $50.00 you’re getting a great pair of polarized sunglasses (very important for seeing into the water) that won’t make you cry (for too long anyway) if you manage to break them or lose them.


Nissan Armada SUV

We can’t offer you a “BUY IT NOW!” button for the Nissan Armada Sport Utility Vehicle, but the 50 Campfires Field Trip team whole-heartedly endorses it as THE WAY to enjoy the Great River Road. Each 50 Campfires Field Trip in the Armada reveals the value of wonderful features like USB and 120-volt outlets, stellar navigation system, and more. On the Field Trip: Great River Road the team SURVIVED on the Armada’s powerful and reliable air conditioning and the fact it never even hiccupped once at traveling hard through 100-degree and higher heat. It’s hard to image an better base camp for the car camping family than the Nissan Armada.

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