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‘James Bond’ Actor Cited for ‘Foot Travel in a Thermal Area’ at Yellowstone National Park

Pierce Brosnan is the latest Yellowstone visitor to receive the infamous label “touron” for his alleged behavior at the national park, according to court documents filed on Wednesday.

In court documents obtained by Outdoors.com, the James Bond actor and Mrs. Doubtfire co-star was cited for walking into a thermal area near Yellowstone Canyon and violating closures. 

Although both violations are petty offenses, Brosnan has been ordered to appear in a Wyoming district court on Jan. 23, 2024. 

The incident reportedly happened while Brosnan, 70, was filming the movie Unholy Trinity opposite Samuel L. Jackson in Montana. 

One would assume that because Brosnan saved a child from a lake of acid in Dante’s Peak that he’d know the dangers of approaching the park’s hydrothermal features. 

Although beautiful, park officials warn that hydrothermal features like geysers and hot springs are dangerous because of their high temperatures and acidity. According to reports, at least 20 people have died at Yellowstone from thermal features in the park’s 150-year history.  


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