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The Javelina Jundred Starts as a 100-Mile Ultramarathon, Ends as a Rave

The Javelina Jundred hosted its 21st running on the “Jalloween” weekend of October 28-29. The main event was a 100-mile ultramarathon through Fountain Hills, Arizona, with an accompanying 100-kilometer race. Taking place at the Four Peaks Staging Area in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, this race welcomed a host of runners, including some big names in the ultrarunning community.

Runners covered four 19.45-mile laps of a long, beautiful desert track. The Pemberton, Shallmo, and Cinch trails made up the course. Their first loop would also incorporate the Escondido Trail, bringing it up to 22.3 miles to round out the distance. 100-kilometer runners would join them for all of these laps but the last. This is a hot, exposed track, which always brings the potential for heat exhaustion. At night, though, temperatures can drop drastically, and participants can even run the risk of hypothermia.

McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Photo by Eric Mischke

100-Mile Ultramarathon Winners

This year, Jonathan Rea took first place overall in the 100-mile ultramarathon, setting a new course record of 12:43:10. He was one of three runners that broke 13 hours this year, with Blake Slattengren and Ryan Montgomery joining him. Heather Jackson claimed first among women runners with a time of 14:24:47, nearly snagging a course record herself.

Among the 100km runners, Rajpaul Pannu set an impressive course record, coming in at 7:15:33. Anna Kacius pulled in at second overall with a time of 8:13:07. Fans of the ultrarunning icon Courtney Dauwalter may have spied her on the course as well. She took on the 100km race alongside none other than Tracey Dauwalter—her mom. This family endeavor was a fantastic button toward the end of Courtney’s historic year.

Flamboyant Encouragement

As dusk fell on the course, runners of the “Jackass Night Trail” suited up for their own main event. Donning their most flamboyant rave costumes, their coolest neon glowing accessories, and their running shoes, participants took on a single loop of the Javelina Jundretrack. They were welcomed to spend as much time at each unique aid station as they want, and to party just hard enough to fully enjoy the evening while still being able to make it back to “Javelina Jeadquarters” at the end of the night.

The Javelina 100-miler is a qualifier for the Western States 100Mile Endurance Run, and a chance for the top two men and top two women to earn respective Golden Tickets. Alongside the excitement of finishing and possibly qualifying for their next prestigious ultramarathon, the Javelina Jundred is a singularly fun event. It’s tough to keep your spirits high in such an insane test of endurance, but it gets much easier when a giant, inflatable squirrel is cheering you on.

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