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Jonas Vingegaard Wins 2023 Tour de France

The 2023 Tour de France has come to an end with a back-to-back championship. Danish rider Jonas Vingegaard won the world’s most famous cycling race for the second year. 

Early reports expected second-place finisher Tadej Pogačar to win this year’s race, which seemed possible in the first two weeks of this year’s tour as he and Vingegaard jockeyed for first place. However, in the final week of the 21 Stage event, Vingegaard dominated the field and became this year’s winner.

tour de france paris
Cyclists ride past the Louvre. (Source: A.S.O. / Pauline Ballet)

The yearly event brings cyclists through France over mountainous terrain, towns, and waterways. The race ends in Paris. 

According to Reuters, Vigegaard says to win the event, racers need to make it the focus of their whole life.

“Last year, I had a lot of injuries and sickness in the spring, and this year I didn’t have anything, which made a big difference. I’m just developing, getting better and better. But it’s not like I’m gaining 20% every year, I’m just getting slightly better,” says Vingegaard. “We all have to make a lot of sacrifices. In a year I’m away from my family for more than 150 days to win races. But when you follow training plans, nutrition and training camps, it gives you confidence because you know you’ll be at your top level.”

tour de france stage 21
The Tour de France leaders. (Source: A.S.O. / Pauline Ballet)

Only one American has ever officially won the Tour de France: Greg LeMond, who won three times (1986, 1989,1990). Lance Armstrong was initially crowned the winner seven times, but those wins have since been revoked due to doping scandals.

Following the end of the Tour, the Tour de France Femmes officially kicked off. The women’s race is officially underway and runs until this upcoming Sunday for a total of eight stages.

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