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PHOTOS: Week Three of the Tour de France

We’re just two days away from the exciting conclusion of the 2023 Tour de France. Riders are running out of time to set themselves up for success as the leaders separate themselves from the pack.

You can catch up on the latest details and find out where to watch the race live here. Stage 20 is set for Saturday. Riders arrive in Paris on Sunday for the final stage of the race.

Stage 14

tour de france stage 14
Stage 14 (Source: A.S.O. / Charly Lopez)

Stage 14 is the second of three days in the most mountainous regions of the race. 

Stage 15

tour de france stage 15
Stage 15 (Source: A.S.O. / Pauline Ballet)

35-year-old Dutch cyclist Wout Poels grabbed his first stage win in Stage 15.

Stage 16

tour de france stage 16
Stage 16 (Source: A.S.O. / Pauline Ballet)

This section changes things up for riders as they ditch the crowd and enjoy a solo time trial segment for the day. Racers focus on beating the clock instead of the athlete ahead of them.

Stage 17

stage 17 tour de france
Stage 17 (Source: A.S.O. / Charly Lopez)

The pack returns for Stage 17, and so does the up-and-down alpine riding.

Stage 18

tour de france stage 18
Stage 18 (Source: A.S.O. / Charly Lopez)

Stage 18 gave riders a break from the mountains with a mostly flat ride across southeast France.

Stage 19

tour de france stage 19
Stage 19 (Source: A.S.O. / Pauline Ballet)

Jonas Vingegard remained the top rider going into Stage 19.

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