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May LIVE Fishing Content Calendar

LIVE fishing content is changing the way we follow the sport of fishing. Even if you don’t catch the show LIVE, watching and listening to playbacks of unscripted, unedited content offers an ultra-fresh and real look at what goes on out there on the water—and in the interesting head space that many anglers possess.

Bassmaster LIVE

Now we can watch as Aaron Martens’ beautiful mind rambles on for hours. Spilling out unfiltered, seemingly unrelated, nonsense during B.A.S.S. LIVE coverage of an Elite Series event. Only to find at the end of four days of coverage, Martens ties it all together like an artist, unknowingly obscuring the full body of work until the final stroke of the brush.
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What it’s like listening to Aaron Martens talk about his technique.

Aaron Martens actually talking about technique:


Or, we can listen to Mike Iaconelli touch on any and everything, related or unrelated, to the fishing world. We can watch LIVE as Ike interacts off the cuff with guests varying from legends in the sport to everyday Joes just trying to catch a fish. Whether comedians, musicians or athletes, it’s dealer’s choice on Ike LIVE and no one deals like Ike. Ike’s busy schedule makes it difficult for Ike LIVE to adhere to a strict schedule, but folks ‘in the know’ report that the show’s producer is shooting for an April 22nd and May 8th airing. Follow Ike LIVE’s social accounts or website for updates on the upcoming shows—or to check out previously recorded shows.

Let’s Talk Fish

Then there’s Let’s Talk Fish. Hosted by one of the greatest anglers of his time, Bryan Thrift, and regularly joined by Matt Arey and Jeff Walsh, Let’s Talk Fish is a LIVE show that allows fans to tap into to years of experience, knowledge, equipment reviews and technique suggestions, as well as submit questions that are answered real-time on the show.


Want more LIVE content involving Bryan Thrift? Chances are you can just scroll over to FLW’s LIVE coverage of there current event and you’ll see Bryan Thrift on there somewhere. A 2018 FLW AOY front-runner, Thrift is often among one of the top anglers that FLW streams LIVE on the water. See their LIVE coverage at FLWfishing.com.

Bass Talk LIVE

Matt Pangrac and Mark Jeffreys talk bass fishing and everything related to it on a regular basis.

1 on 1 LIVE

Want LIVE coverage of a 1-on-1 throwdown between some of the sport’s greatest fisherman and trash talkers? Who doesn’t! Check out head-to-head format tournament LIVE.

Stray Casts

A glorified bass fishing talk show, Stray Casts outdoor cartoon television host Pat Renwick and his band of “fishin’ gypsies”—Ryan Whitacre, JayPee Hey, Larry Keilman and Andy Ellenberger—irreverently interview some of the sport’s greatest bass fishing professionals and personalities. Streaming live every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. CST.


B.A.S.S. personality and TV show host Mark Zona has also dabbled in LIVE content lately, streaming four shows with some of today’s top pros. Keeps tabs on Zona and his LIVE plans on his social media accounts or at his website.


Loon LIVE serves up new fly-fishing patterns, tips and tricks, as well as free LIVE demonstrations that go down the first and third Thursday of every month. Comments and questions are always welcome!


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