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Not One But TWO Rare White Animals Spotted at Once on Trail Cam

The Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Post Oak Savannah wildlife district says it did the math, and the odds of seeing an all-white raccoon is about 1 in 750,000. So, what do you think the odds are of seeing two all-white, possibly albino raccoons at the same time?

The odds were ever in our favor when a trail cam caught not one but two white raccoons drinking water one night alongside a few other raccoons with typical coloration. White raccoons are so rare because the light coloration is not great for nocturnal animals trying to avoid predators.

So far so good for these two white raccoons, though.

Raccoons often live in small groups of either females or males. Male-specific groups tend to be smaller in number, so we’d wager this a group of related female raccoons—a one-in-a-million group with two very rare blonde raccoons, apparently.

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