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NW Angle Ice Road Opens On Lake Of The Woods

On Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota, it’s common practice to travel through Canada to reach what’s known as NW Angle. However, this year there are border restrictions in place due to the pandemic, making travel impossible.

That is, unless you could travel to the NW Angle via ice road, and that exactly what happened. The 120 member NW Angle Community pulled together to create 22 miles of ice road, opening up fishing areas that are ordinarily accessed via a 40 mile trip through Canada.

The road is now open, and it’s a remarkable success. In the video above, Joe Henry, Executive Director of the Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau, explains what it took to pull off this incredible feat.

Passes for the NW Angle Ice Road are $145 and can be purchased online HERE. Proceeds go toward the ongoing maintenance of the road.

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