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Choose Your Look: Which of these Outdoor Aesthetics will you try in 2024?

2023 saw a rise in the amount of people looking to spend time outdoors. Because of that, there’s also been a wider variety of people heading outside, leading to the rise of new aesthetics in the world of outdoor culture.

As 2023 comes to an end and 2024 gets closer, it might be time to try out a new look for your outdoor adventures. Here are some new aesthetics you can try next year. Which one will you sport?

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Quiet Outdoors

The Quiet Outdoors aesthetic comes from the Old Money or Quiet Money aesthetic. There’s an emphasis on minimalist design and colors and is a particularly great option if you don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe as the Quiet Outdoors style is based on versatility.

Equinox Fleece Scarf

Image by Equinox

An ideal accessory for the cold months, this oversized scarf will make a great addition to your outdoor wardrobe, especially when you’re heading from the trail to run your errands. The scarf is made from a 200 series fleece to keep you warm all night.

This Equinox Scarf is made to be slightly oversized, so it’s a good one-size-fits-all gift.  Though it comes in a variety of colors, this creamy white is perfect if you’re looking to dabble in the Quiet Outdoors aesthetic, as it’ll blend into your existing wardrobe.

Teva Ridgeview Men’s Hiking Boot

Image by Teva

When you’re building your quiet outdoors wardrobe, you don’t need to stick to a neutral palette, but it will enhance the look. Luckily, the majority of hiking boots already come in a variety of browns, blacks, and greens, perfect for the outdoors.

The Teva Ridgeview boots are made from waterproof leather which makes them an excellent choice for muddy hikes and chilly days. These boots are great for slush and snow. They feature a Vibram Megagrip outsole, excellent for hiking and staying balanced.

These over-the-ankle boots feature a retro color-blocked look and are made of 50% recycled materials, so you can physically feel good while, also feeling good about your impact on the environment.

Danner Inquire Chukker Women’s Hiking Boots

Image by Danner

These boots are a great choice for a boot that can be worn all day. Made to be light and supportive, these boots are great for walking and feature a suede upper giving them a more fashionable look than the traditional pair of hiking boots.

Made to be Danner Dry, these boots are waterproof and provide extra stability which will allow you to explore even the most uneven terrain. They also feature maximum cushion support and Plyolite midsoles for shock absorption.

Women’s Patagonia R1 Pullover

Image by Patagonia

There’s something about a quality pullover quarter-zip sweater that makes everything feel a little more luxurious. It’s a more mature style than a regular hoodie or crew neck. This waffle-knit crew neck will be a great staple to have in your closet.

Wear this on a hike or to a yoga class, and feel comfortable heading out to your next destination without feeling like you have to change clothes. The partial zip is great for hiking and other casual activities.

The pullover is made of light and breathable Polartec which will help you keep warm during your outdoor activities during the chillier months. Made from 93% recycled polyester, this pullover was made in a fair trade certified factory.

REI Co-Op Sahara Long-Sleeve T-Shirt – Men’s

Image by REI

This long-sleeved shirt is great if you need something simple. Throw it on and head out knowing you’ll be comfortable all day and night as it wicks moisture and helps repel bugs, so you can wear it all day without worrying about bug bites in the evenings.

This long-sleeved shirt features UPF 20 so you can feel safe in the sun. It’s a great option for hiking and general travel. This shirt is also great because of its strength and durability against abrasions.

90’s Ski Aesthetic

Some people love the minimalist look of the quiet outdoors, but some people prefer the big, bright colors we see in old photos.  The 90’s ski aesthetic features these highlighter colors and makes them look fashionable.

Women’s Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover

Image by Patagonia

When you look up photos of skiers in the 90’s, they are full of bright colors, fleeces, and neon snowsuits. This fleece pullover in Lagom Blue is a perfect nostalgic piece that you can add to your closet for the cold weather days of heading out on the slopes.

Made from 95 to 100% recycled polyester fleece and is considered to be true to size. This pullover was also designed to be a little longer than the average sweater so that it doesn’t bunch up uncomfortably under a harness or hip belt.

Men’s Microdini 1/2 -Zip Fleece Pullover

Image by Patagonia

Similar to the women’s synchilla pullover, this Microdini pullover is a great option for a male counterpart looking to stay warm during these cooler months. This sweater features a half-zip and is made for chafe-free comfort.

It’s made from 100% recycled polyester making it good for the environment and is soft on the skin for all-day comfort. It also features built-in wind protection for those days when it just cuts right through you.

Women’s Sudden Jolt Ski Suit

Image by Tipsy Elves

If you’re going for the 90’s ski aesthetic, you have to buy a ski suit. It might even make you want to go skiing. Who knows, buying the ski suit might even convince you to book a ski trip so you can stun on the slopes.

With a waterproof storm hood, this ski suit will keep you warm and dry during your runs down the mountainside. It also features an adjustable waistband and back pocket so you can stay comfortable and keep your small gear close by. 

Men’s Black Retro Ski Suit 

Image by Tipsy Elves

This ski suit is an awesome choice if you want to stand out on the slopes. Black is an easy color to spot in the pure white snow. The blue and pink lightning strike is an amazing detail that gives you a little extra flare on the mountain.

This ski suit will trap body heat and keep you warm while you’re racing down the side of the hill. It also features leg vents for ski boots to attach as well as vents in the armpits to keep you from overheating out in the snow.

SMITH Squad MAG Chroma Pop Snow Goggles

Image by SMITH Optics

If you’re headed to your favorite ski slope, protecting your eyes is paramount.   When looking at a new pair of snow goggles, make sure you get something that will protect your eyes from the sun and snow.  

The Chroma Pop goggles by SMITH come with two lenses making them a great option for days when the visibility conditions are ever-changing and feature 100% UV protection. These lenses are cylindrical and are made to fit a medium to large face.

You’ll have distortion-free vision your entire way down the slopes. You’ll even have a small travel bag that you can keep your extra lens in while you’re going down the slopes. The lenses also feature anti-fog for when you warm up.

The Homesteader


Homesteading starts in the kitchen! Or wherever you want it to really.. I stand by the fact that you can homestead from anywhere. We are led to believe that homesteading requires land, but it doesn’t! You can start homesteading by learning to create things from scratch in the kitchen or even from something like a sewing machine! I started homesteading by sourcing my food locally and learning how to create foods and goods from scratch. Learning how to bake bread from scratch was my starting point in the kitchen. Once I realized how easy it was and how much money it saved me, I was hooked! I could bake delicious bread that didn’t have preservatives in it for dirt cheap – this was one of my awakening moments. What else could be created from scratch cheaper than the store sells and way higher quality? Once you start with simple homemaking skills like learning how to cook from scratch, learning how to sew, learning how to build a food storage, learning how to make candles, or learning how to preserve food, you will be hooked and onto learning the next skill! Homesteading is a snowball effect. For me, it started in the kitchen and changing how I eat. For you, it may start somewhere entirely different, and that’s okay! What do you want to learn? #homestead #homesteadlife

♬ original sound – Gubba Homestead

Since the pandemic, many people have been reevaluating their values in life and have decided to change their lifestyle to reflect it. Homesteading is one of the most popular ways that people are doing it. 

Both homesteading and cottage core aesthetics feature an interest in returning to nature and taking part in what some would consider to be “traditional” values. Others would just say it’s a way to slow down life. 

Lodge Deep Dutch Oven

Image by Lodge

Homesteaders are often looking after animals and taking care of a small plot of land. What you decide to do with that is up to you, but you’ll definitely have a lot of time to experiment in the kitchen.

Get yourself a Lodge Dutch oven so you can cook up delicious vegetables and make a variety of meals for your family and friends. Dutch ovens are a great tool for cooking when you just want to throw things in a pot and let them boil. The Lodge Dutch oven is also great for camping.

Whether you choose to get the traditional cast-iron or a ceramic-plated Dutch oven, it’ll be one of the greatest kitchen investments that you’ll ever make.

Stanley Pour Over Set

Image by Stanley

If you’re running a homestead with a lot of people, you may not need to pick this one up, but if it’s just you and a few others, this is a great coffee maker to keep on hand. The pour-over set is great for a single cup of coffee and is easy to clean.

The pour-over set from Stanley is made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel and the mug comes with a lid to become a travel mug. It’s also a great option to save money and resources since you won’t have to buy paper filters.

Coghlan 12-Egg Holder

Image by Coghlan

If you’re just starting out on your homestead adventures, chickens are a great place to start. When they start laying eggs,  the Coghlan egg holder is a great storage option.

This durable egg holder is made to travel and will keep your eggs safe from the coop to the refrigerator. The egg holder also has a handle for convenient carrying.

Cottage Core


and its all documented on my youtube channel lol (dont worry, the cottages are just hibernating till spring 🥰) #fyp #diy #homerenovation #cottagecore #solofemale

♬ It’s Called: Freefall – Paris Paloma

Similar to the homesteading aesthetic, the cottage-core lifestyle focuses on a person’s wants to get back to a simpler lifestyle. Many people want to get back out into nature and live somewhere a little more off the grid.

ENO Sub6 Hammock

Image by ENO

If you’ve decided to switch to the cottage-core aesthetic and you’re living in the woods, you’ll want to make sure you have your ENO hammock with you at all times in case you find two trees perfect for just hanging out. 

This hammock is a great addition to any hiking or backpacking gear and can hold up to 300 pounds so you and your friend—even if that friend is your dog—can hang out amongst the trees.

REI Co-Op Merino Wool Lightweight Hike Quarter Socks

Image by REI

Ensure you stay warm even when you aren’t next to your fireplace with a nice pair of wool socks. They’re great for wicking moisture and keeping your toes warm in the cool weather. They even feature seamless toes to prevent chafing.

These lightweight socks feature reinforcements in the heels, toes, and arches so you can stay comfortable during any adventure, whether you’re heading out to forage for mushrooms or for a long adventure in the mountains. 

Birkenstocks… any kind

Image by Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks have garnered quite a reputation in the world of pop culture. Though many people find them to be unattractive, they are incredibly comfortable and come in a variety of styles making them a great choice of shoes that will last a long time.

Whether you’re going for the iconic Arizona sandal or you go for the Boston-style clog, there’s a pair of Birks for every kind of person, and they’ll really help make you look like you belong amongst the trees.

The Hot Girl Who Walks

Megan Thee Stallion was a big proponent of making “hot girl” such a popular phenomenon. Hot girl summer turned into hot girl walking which led to girl dinner, girl math, and girl camping. You don’t need to be a woman for a hot girl walk; it’s all about mindset.

Mia Lind, the woman who coined the term hot girl walk explains that you can only think about three things on a hot girl walk;

  1. Things you’re grateful for
  2. Your goals and how you’ll achieve them
  3. How HOT you are

So here are some items that can help you achieve official Hot Girl Status.

Stanley Quencher H2O Flow State Tumbler 40 Ounces

Image by Stanley

The Stanley Quencher or “Stanley Cup” as Tiktok dubbed it this year, is super popular amongst young women, and because of that, it has become relatively difficult to purchase. I was able to purchase one, and I like how it performs.  It keeps your water super cold and fits in your cup holder so you can run your hot girl errands, too.

At 12.5 inches tall, this tumbler is durable and won’t leak, which makes it a great option for when you’re on the run.

Garmin Fenix Multisport GPS Watch

Image by Garmin

Rule number two of the hot girl walk is to think about your goals and how to achieve them. Keep track of your hot girl walks and get closer to your goals with this smartwatch by Garmin that features GPS navigation so you can track your favorite walks.

Though you can use this for your walks, you can also use it for skiing, running, surfing, and HIIT workouts. No matter what you decide to do, Garmin has you covered to get better results each time you head out for your walk.

HOKA Clifton 9 Road-Running Shoes for Women

Image by Hoka

If you’re just starting out your hot girl journey, make sure you have a high-quality pair of sneakers to wear during your walks. HOKA has become a very popular brand for its comfortable sneakers and bright-colored designs.

The HOKA Clifton 9’s eliminated 4 grams of weight which makes them even lighter to ensure an easy walk or run. They have extra cushioning and an improved outsole design for extra traction on the trails. 

On Cloudflow Road-Running Shoes for Men

Image by On

For the boys that are interested in getting in their daily hot girl walks, I got sneakers for you too. On Cloudflow running shoes come highly regarded by many runners and walkers alike. This most recent redesign is made to be even more comfortable and responsive to all of your needs.

These running shoes are designed with mesh uppers that provide excellent airflow for all of your outdoor activities. They also have a new lacing configuration which has created a softer forefoot landing and more midfoot support when you’re running at full speed.

SoundCore AnkerLife Wireless Headphones

Image by Soundcore

When you’re walking, you might want something to listen to. Whether it’s a podcast or your favorite new playlist, it’s nice to have some background sound that you’ve chosen to keep you motivated while you’re working on your fitness. 

These over-the-ear headphones from Soundcore are great for blocking out all of the excess noise (90% of it, in fact) so you can focus on how hot you are. They also feature 40-hour playtime which makes them a great option no matter how long—or short—your walks might be during the week.

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