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Do You Roll or Stuff Your Sleeping Bag? This Hack May Be the Best Way to Pack

We’ve all been there. Your ride is leaving, but you are not ready to go because you can’t get your sleeping bag back into the tiny bag. It can be an infuriating situation, but there is a proper way of doing it and it involves a machine. 

It is not exactly a handy tool for camping, but the spinning machine solves the mystery of how sleeping bags are so tightly packed when purchased new. 

Science Girl on X shared a video of the machine that tightly compresses and rolls the sleeping bags into the sack. The video has over 30 million views, and is fascinating people all over the world. 

One person commented: “Now I understand why I can never repack them after opening”. Another pointed out that, sadly, “we don’t have that tool when we are out in the wild camping though”. 

So, is there a correct technique for storing your sleeping bag? 

Sleeping bags come in all shapes and sizes these days. An essential item for any outdoor adventurer, it’s important to take care of your sleeping bag. After all, it is the thing that keeps you warm at night.

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How To Store Your Sleeping Bag

Stuffing is easier than rolling, and most manufacturers suggest this method. The majority of sleeping bags are made from down or synthetic materials, both of which are effective at fluffing up again once they have been compressed. 

According to experts at REI (Recreational Equipment Inc), it is best to store the sleeping bag for longer periods of time unrolled or hung in a closet, then simply stuff it into the bag when it is time to go on an adventure. “If you leave your bag in a compressed state (inside its stuff sack) for several months, it will lose resiliency and lofting ability.”

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