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Get Winter Ready With These Snow Boots for the Whole Family

Winter is just around the corner, and if you and your family are looking to get prepared before the first big snowstorm, make sure you have your snow boots ASAP. Your littles will need new ones, but how about you? When was the last time you got a new pair of snow boots? It might be time to upgrade. Here are snow boots for the whole family, even your furry friends. 

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When was the last time you got a pair of actual snow boots? Your Dr. Martens do not count. If you’re heading out on a snowy outdoor adventure, remember that you need strong tread to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, and you’re also going to want something that will keep your feet warm, even in the harshest winter conditions.

This pair of Columbia Fairbanks Omni-Heat snow boots for men offer extra heat, protection from the elements, and a strong grip on the icy ground below you. They feature tech-lite midsoles and keep water out with their Omni-Tech waterproof membrane. 

For women, you can always size down a pair of men’s boots, if that’s what you’re most comfortable in, but if you’re looking for something that was made with your feet in mind, check out this pair from Oboz. This pair of Sapphire 8-inch waterproof boots offer a thermal insole that keeps your foot warm and stable on the ice and snow. 


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Unfortunately for us adults, our snow boots are way less exciting to look at than the ones that are made for kids. Looks aren’t everything, though. If you have a little one who needs a new pair of boots, look for something that’s comfortable and that’s going to keep them warm in even the coldest conditions. The Merrell Snow Bank waterproof boots for kids are a great option for a pair of casual winter boots, and they’ll keep your kids’ feet warm in temperatures as cold as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your little adventurer is a lover of all things outdoors, you may want to equip him or her with a pair of snow boots made for sports, rather than the casual romp and snow angels. Sorels Yoot Pack Nylon winter boots are an excellent choice for kids going on big outdoor adventures like a winter hike. These boots will keep your kids warm in the cold weather, and they have a hand-crafted vulcanized rubber to keep the water out.


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There are times when your dog may need a pair of boots to keep his feet protected. Give your pets the grip they need to walk on the icy ground and protect their paw pads from sharp ice and other dangers that could be on the trails with a pair of Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boots.. 

It’s also important to remember that the rock salt that gets put down to melt the ice can hurt a dog’s feet, but a pair of boots will help. If you are putting salt on your property, try a pet-friendly brand like HARRIS Kind Melt


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Once you’ve got the family’s boots sorted out,  pick up some socks made from Merino wool. These will keep everyone’s feet warm and toasty.
Looking to keep your shins warm and dry? Try these Skyline gaiters from OUTDOOR DESIGNS. They’re made to fit snuggly over clothes and boots, so you’ll stay warm and comfortable in the cold weather. They’re made with a velcro closure to ensure a tight fit.

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