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‘Super Natural’: New Climbing Route Magically Appears in Yosemite, But Park Rangers Close the Area For Safety

A cracking rock in a popular Yosemite National Park climbing area has given way to a new climbing route. 

When climbers found the crack, they were quick to ascend it, name it and give it a grade. Now dubbed “Super Natural,” climbers rated the route a 5.10-, generally considered intermediate difficulty. However, park officials want you to avoid the area.

According to Yosemite Climbing Stewards, a park geologist checked the “new route” and said the rock is still actively cracking, like “walking on thin ice.” There are also pieces of rock falling from the crack.

One climber who responded to the social media post says they climbed in the area recently, saying, “I did Superslide last Friday, the new crack is about 40 feet left of Superslide. If the rock collapses, it will be interesting to see what comes of it.”

Another jokingly responded, “Glue can fix this.”

yosemite climbing closure
The closed area of the park. (Source: NPS)

The official closure from Yosemite says the area is at risk of rockfall. The closure is for climbers and hikers and includes a section of the Valley Loop Trail. Park Rangers say people should avoid the area from the eastern part of the Ahwahnee Hotel parking lot through Royal Arches Creek.

The closure is in effect until further notice.

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