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The Death Toll of the Maui Wildfires Is Increasing; Here’s How You Can Help

At least 55 people are confirmed dead in the Maui wildfires that remain burning Friday morning. Officials say crews have not contained any of the fires on the island. 

Rescuers continue to search the community of Lahaina, which is said to be a complete loss. The city is a busy tourist destination making the evacuations even more complicated. The state’s governor is asking visitors traveling to Hawaii to turn around for now.

Satellite images show Lahaina before and after the fire:

Additional fires are burning on the Big Island of Hawaii, but the damage has not been as extensive as on Maui.

While emergency crews continue to battle the fires, support comes through donations. Here’s how you can help:

  • Maui Strong – The Hawaii Community Foundation has set up a simple way to donate with their Maui Strong donation. The funds will go to recovery efforts for the community impacted by the fires.
  • The American Red Cross – The Red Cross responded immediately to the fires by opening up shelters for evacuated locals and tourists. Donations will help with these continuing efforts.
  • Hawaii Emergency Management Agency – Hawaiian officials are asking for donations and volunteers to go through the state’s official agency in charge of the fire.
  • Maui Food Bank – For a very local approach, the Maui food bank is looking to increase its donations for those in need.

The fires started Tuesday night, and the winds from a passing hurricane helped spread the fires. Many experts believe this summer’s extreme heat tied to climate change is to blame for the fires.

Communities have seen the impacts of wildfires this year from across the U.S. to Canada and Europe. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself safe.

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