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Vandalism Hits Olympic National Park – Here’s How It Could Impact Visitors

Olympic National Park officials say the latest vandalism in the park directly impacts visitors.

In a social media post, Olympic officials say several portable toilets along Hurricane Ridge Road were flipped between the evening of Sept. 3 and the morning of Sept. 4. Two were pushed over an embankment. A nearby restroom at Picnic Area A was also damaged.

Earlier this year, a fire destroyed the Hurricane Ridge Day Lodge. The lack of facilities has resulted in controlling crowds in the area. Once a certain number of vehicle enters, the roadway closes. The toilets are in place for visitors in the meantime. Fewer toilets available means fewer visitors will be allowed in the area. 

hurricane ridge fire
The Hurricane Ridge Lodge from a fire this past May. (Source: NPS)

Park rangers say the company supplying the toilets was able to bring new ones. However, retrieving the two that were pushed down an embankment will take time. The toilets now rest on a slope hundreds of feet down.

Olympic National Park says anyone with information about the vandalism should call 360-565-3115.

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