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QuickSurvive Fire Starter Review

The QuickSurvive Fire Starter is fully waterproof, and burns at over 750F for 10 minutes. It’s exactly what you need in case you’re ever in a survival situation and every moment counts.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years when it comes to starting fires is that a quality fire starter is worth the money. When it’s time to relax around a campfire, my main goal is to get it going quickly and easily.

I’ve been using the QuickSurvive Fire Starters a lot this summer, and there’s a lot I like about them. First off, they’re fully waterproof. Like, super waterproof. I can pull one from a bucket of water, and it lights with ease. On the trail, this provides extra peace of mind. No matter what the conditions are, I know that I’ll be able to start a fire.

Secondly, QuickSurvive Fire Starters burn at over 750F for ten minutes. This is more than enough time to get a fire started, and the high heat gives me some leeway in case the kindling is a little damp. They also do a splendid job lighting charcoal, and they’re food safe.

“So…how much does it cost per fire?”

If you’re like me, the first thing you do when you see a fire starter is crunch the numbers to find out how much you’re paying per fire. The answer 40 cents. So is a great fire worth 40 cents?

For me the answer is – absolutely. After the burgers, brats, and beer, that’s a drop in the bucket. A canister will start 50 fires, which easily gets me through an entire summer. After the first few fires, I was hooked, because it makes the fire building foolproof.

The last thing I’ll add is that they’re small and weigh almost nothing. If I’m headed out for a hike and want to break for a fire, I can toss a few in my pocket with a small lighter, and I’m good to go. QuickSurvive Fire Starters makes the fire building process predictable and dependable, which is beneficial both on the trail and in the backyard. They just work really well, and I’d recommend them to anyone.

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