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Watch: Two Deer Rescued from a Very Unlikely Place

Alaskan wildlife officials found a big surprise about four miles offshore—two lost deer that were swimming for their lives. A trooper caught the rescue on video.

In the clip, you see the troopers find the two deer. They successfully get them on the boat and say the animals essentially accepted the help, meaning they were likely running out of energy. The troopers drove the deer back to shore. After picking the deer up off the boat, the animals were able to leave on their own. 

According to the Associated Press, the deer were caught in a current in the Clarence Strait in southeast Alaska. While there are multiple islands in the area near Ketchikan, the deer were far from finding land. 

One of the troopers told the Associated Press, “It’s common to see deer swimming in southeast Alaska waters, going from one island to another; what’s not common is to have deer swim up to a boat and try to get on it.”

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