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What’s Wrong With This Picture? The Internet Wants to Know WHY

A not-so-small army of outdoor enthusiasts has been getting a kick out of a photo showing a canoe strapped HORIZONTALLY on top of a Subaru. (Pausing for a moment of silence while that sinks in.) And while there are hundreds of humorous comments worth reading on the post exposing the horizontal canoe, the top comment/question is just why.

Jen Mignard has been an administrator of the Facebook group Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of The Idiots™! since 2016, and she sees some stuff. But when she came across a Subaru with a Wisconsin plate and a canoe strapped to the top in an unconventional way, she just had to share it. (Even though it has nothing to do with Yellowstone.)

Mignard’s caption simply reads: “Lewis & Clark they are not.”

The Internet’s Reaction Is the Best Part

The post has garnered 57,000 reactions, 1,600 comments, and 19,000 shares since Mignard shared it last week.

Comments mostly express confusion, concern, and amusement. They range from the sarcastic (“That should work just fine”) to the dejected (“This makes my head hurt”).

One sweet woman tried to come to these folks’ defense. She wrote: “If you look close you will see that if they did it the right way it would cover the front of their windshield and they would not be able to see out. Their solution was not great but at least they can see where they are going!”

Unfortunately for this woman, the mob then turned on her, letting her know all about canoe seats. One reply laid it out, saying: “Canoe seats a) fold b) are removable [. . .] there are zero canoes ever that can’t be transported in the universally accepted fashion.”

While we’d love to give this Subaru owner the benefit of the doubt, adjusting the seat would have been the better way forward. If the seat really doesn’t budge, we agree with Sue H.

Sue H. wrote: “The correct solution would be to either use a different vehicle or rent a canoe when they get to their destination, not create a situation where someone could get hurt.”

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