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Win the Powerball and These Incredible Outdoor Paradises Could Be Yours

At $1.73 billion, Powerball is sitting at its second-highest jackpot of all time. The massive payout would set up just about anybody for life, and what you could buy is limitless, especially if you love the outdoors. Here are five incredible natural paradises that could be yours with a Powerball win.

This Massive Ranch Outside Big Bend National Park – $299,061,975

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(Source: King Land & Water)

Brewster Ranch sits north of Big Bend National Park and Black Gap Wildlife Management Area. The property combines 28 ranches acquired over time and now equals more than 430,305 acres. In other words, this desert landscape is half the size of Rhode Island. The property has its own mountains and amazing views of the far-west Texas area. 

A Private Island in the Florida Keys – $16,499,999

florida keys powerball
(Source: The Agency Naples)

Named East Sister Rock, this tiny island in the Florida Keys includes 1.37 acres of “pristine paradise.” The official listing says the island is a quarter-mile from the famous Sombrero Beach and is a short distance from Marathon Island’s private airport. The island itself also has a helipad. Despite all of this, the house is focused on sustainability and aims to live “in harmony” with the surrounding environment.

Go Skiing at Your Own Mountain Ski Resort – $7,000,000

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(Source: Sothebys International Realty)

The Slopes at St. Mary’s Glacier sits 10,000 feet above sea level and 45 miles west of Denver, Colorado. The area is located near St. Mary’s Glacier but doesn’t include the famous glacier itself. However, this land will get you 373 acres with multiple buildable lots for private or commercial use. The property was originally a ski resort that closed in 1986, and sellers are heavily marketing it to become a functional winter sports destination once again. 

Enjoy Horseback Riding, a Spa, Two Lakes, and More in Washington State – $14,000,000

washington state powerball
(Source: The Icon Realty)

The Buck Quarter Ranch has a 12,000-square-foot lodge, several guest cabins, and a spa. The property is used as an equestrian ranch and sits in northern Washington State near the Idaho border and Colville National Forest. The current owners of the property call it the “Quintessential Pacific Northwest Experience.”

The Most Expensive Lot of Land in Maine – $3,410,000

maine property
(Source: Realty of Maine)

This property has no official name but covers almost 4,000 acres of Maine wilderness. Located slightly over an hour from Bangor, Maine, this property is a wooded animal refuge with eight miles of brooks and streams. The property has about 25 miles of roads, and you can build a home on the land, keep the property as a wildlife preserve, or farm the timber trees. One of the best parts is the view of Mount Katahdin, one of Maine’s best-known peaks that also marks the end of the Appalachian Trail. The land was dubbed the priciest in the state by local news.

Can’t decide which tract of land you would buy? Fortunately, with $1.73 billion, you can buy all five properties and still have more than a billion dollars left to pay all the taxes, upkeep, and airfares you’ll need to visit each one.

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