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Would You Ride This ‘Wheel-Less’ Bike?

“The Q,” a YouTuber known for creating weird yet functional bikes, has unveiled his latest creation: a wheel-less bike.

Ok, technically, it does have wheels, however, they aren’t traditional wheels. Instead, it uses rotating wheel belts at odd angles to propel itself, working like tank treads.

Absurd as the idea is, it is a great ode to the imagination and innovative design. By contorting the most essential bike part, he shows our engineering assumptions can change.

Overall, the bizarre yet thought-provoking wheel-less bike is a great example of thinking differently.

And if you’re into this one, check out his other experiments:

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A bike with tires made with 60 tennis balls:

A sawblade tire bike for cycling across ice:

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A bike made from 147 nuts (and no bolts):

And if bikes aren’t your thing, surely this bit of simple design genius will impress:

Explore more of The Q’s designs here.

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