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Andy Buckworth Makes ‘Unbelievable’ BMX Hands-Free Front Flip Look Totally Casual

Talented BMX riders know how to make it look like they are one with their big. Easily floating through the air and performing wild acrobatics, BMX isn’t for the casual cyclist. However, this new video from a professional rider doing a front flip proves why it’s his job.

Check it out:

The clip features Andy Buckworth, a Monster Energy-sponsored athlete. The rider posted saying his goodbyes after spending time in Flagstaff, Arizona. The video shows him leaving with a wild ride by jumping a skate park bowl with a front flip and letting go of the handlebars. He easily sticks the landing.

The comments on the post are all in praise of Buckworth. They include “absolutely insane,” “that was crazy,” and “so unbelievable.” 

Buckworth, like many other BMX riders, is preparing for the kick-off of the new riding season in 2024. The Triple Challenge brings together BMXers for three big events at the start of the year, including on January 5 in Anaheim, California.

The events are some of the most popular in the sport and are open for long-time professionals and up-and-coming riders trying to make a name for themselves.

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