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A Diver Explains How to Handle Sharks in This Terrifying Video

If there’s something many people fear about the ocean, it’s sharks. One of nature’s apex predators, sharks, have been given the spotlight in movies as terrifying animals. However, handling a shark while underwater may not be as complicated as you think. At least, according to this diver on Instagram.

Check out the video:

Like many clips showing how to interact with wild animals, the first goal is to stay calm. Similar to some well known land mammals, sharks will be more interested in something splashing and trying to flee, as the person may appear like an injured animal and easy prey. 

In the video, diver Andriana Fragola suggests facing the shark and looking directly at the animal. In some instances, this is enough to deter the shark’s interest. And if the animal gets too close, like the tiger shark in this video, push down on its nose. Afterward, she suggests exiting the water.

Even with 319,000 followers, Fragola is more than an influencer. She has a Masters in marine conservation biology. 

“This video of me swimming away from this tiger shark was created as a demonstration to show you guys what happens if you splash and run away from a shark,” wrote Fragola in her post. “Please never attempt anything like this as it is done as a demonstration by professionals, and please never dive with sharks without trained guides.”

Diving and Snorkeling Shark Attacks 

Fragola made the video specifically for divers and snorkelers. Despite the risk of a shark encounter, the number of shark attacks underwater is pretty rare. 

According to a diving website that sites the International Shark Attack Files, 2022 saw a total of 108 shark incidents. However, most of the attacks happened to people swimming or wading at 43%, with surfers and other board sports making up 35% of victims. 

So, the chances of a shark attack are slim, but knowing what to do can make a difference.

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