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Costa Cortez

Overview:Another brand new frame for 2015 is the Costa Cortez. It’s a frame that fits a larger face and it incorporates Costa’s co-injected rubber technology that’s actually fused with nylon to make a super lightweight strong durable frame. This frame has a really nice big lens on it and great coverage. If you have a larger face it can be difficult to find fitted sunglasses that actually fit. Most of the time they are way to small, tight around the ears, and are uncomfortable. The Cortez frames are designed to eliminate those issues.

This product features Costa’s glass 580 lens. One of the great things about Costa is the fact that you can get a patented proprietary lens technology, 580, in either highly scratch resistant glass which is absolutely the best lens material in the world. Or you can also get it in their super lightweight and unbreakable 580 plastic lens, but you still get the great Costa 580 technology in a lens that absolutely fits your purpose outside in your recreational activities.

So this is the new Cortez and it also incorporates great little hooks in the back that you can use to attach a retainer on. It’s kind of a cool feature, old school from our days as the preeminent salt water fishing glass company but now our product is great for any outdoor sport you’re doing.

Take a closer look at the Costa Cortez sunglasses here.

Manufacturer: Costa
Product Name: Cortez
MSRP: $189

Costa Cortez Sunglasses

Costa Cortez Sunglasses

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