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Daily Outdoor: 2015 Gear of the Year – Personal

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Nick and Clint announced, the Personal category in the 2015 Gear of the Year awards beginning with the Coast: Polysteel 400. This flashlight is waterproof, crushproof and super bright that is a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable flashlight. Next up is the Adventure Medical: Ultralight/Watertight .5 first aid kit that is essential for any camper. It’s in a water tight package that is also extremely light for the amount of first aid gear that’s included. This can be carried in our next award winner the Gregory: Stout 45 backpack. Very light and extremely comfortable, this backpack does not disappoint. Then we have to recommend a water system that blew us away with its simple and efficient design. For that we highly recommend the RinseKit with its 65 psi of pressure and the ability to spray for a full four minutes. Finally we give the Scrubba: Wash Bag two thumbs up for its excellent design and the fact it does an extremely good job of cleaning your clothes without the need for a washing machine. For more amazing products go to the final category on our 2015 Gear of the Year list that features wearable gear.


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