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Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent Overview

Ever out camping and you wish you could have some privacy and take a shower? Who hasn’t? This is where the LightSpeed Outdoors Privacy Tent is comes in handy.

lightspeed outdoors privacy tent
Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent

The LightSpeed Outdoors 3-in-1 Privacy Tent is great for a changing room, shower and restroom for the outdoors. Like all Lightspeed Outdoors tents, you have the top-pull hub system for quick set-up. Since this shelter stands 6’8″, you have four intuitive, telescope poles that easily locks in place. Plenty of room to change clothes or into a wet suit at the beach. Two ceiling windows helps with light and ventilation. Simply supply your own shower bag and take pleasure in feeling fresh and clean. The privacy tent has a clothes line for a towel and interior pockets for your hygiene products. Mesh floor allows water to soak up or simply fold up the ground floor completely. Plenty of space for a portable toilet, so you can enjoy the convenience of your very own outhouse.

Price: $99

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