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Feline Solo: Puff the Cat Just Climbed One of Boulder’s Famous Flatirons

While dogs may be the most popular outdoor companion, at least one cat is scaling rock climbing routes. A recent Instagram post shows a pet cat climbing a Boulder Flatiron without hesitation.

The Flatirons are iconic in Colorado’s Front Range and easily accessible from the City of Boulder. Many of the routes on the Flats are for experienced climbers, but others are popular scrambles and are often done without a rope.

@toyotamirage shared the viral video on Instagram. The clip stars a man and his cat, Puff, as they go on a climbing adventure. 

The video shows Puff and her owner preparing for the day and slowly making their way up.

The post says, “Puff claims the first feline ascent of the 2nd Flat Iron in Boulder CO via ‘“’Freeway.’ She walked/climbed the entire way from car to top-out under her own power. She opted to ride my shoulders on the hike down and was harnessed and clipped to me at all times.”

The video is pretty reassuring that Puff was not in any danger, and that’s evident in the lack of negative comments. However, some hilarious replies include, “Somebody get this cat an Arcteryx beanie ASAP“ and “I’m glad you leash your cat because I have a small troop of mice that I am training for a first rodent ascent. They are called the Crag Rats.”

When asked how the owner managed to get Puff into rock climbing, he replied only with “practice.”

We don’t have any straightforward adventure cat advice either. However, here’s how to ensure your dog is having a good time.

No word on what Puff’s next big adventure may be.

Would you take your cat on an outdoor adventure?

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