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Field Trip Portland In Review

Field Trip Portland

Our post-trip blues have finally worn off. You know the feeling. When wanderlust gives way to the realization that you’re back to your normal day-to-day routine. Luckily for us, we get to create content and share our adventure with our fans. Normally you get back from a trip and tell your friends and maybe a few coworkers around the water cooler about how amazing it was. We are lucky enough to get to share our trips with hundreds of thousands of people. To invite them along with us to some of the most amazing locations in the country. To inspire them to get out and take their own adventure. To go somewhere they’ve never been. See something they’ve never seen. In a weird way, it wasn’t just 50 Campfires and your incredible brands on a field trip to Portland, it was our entire audience tagging along with us.

Any blogger can write an article about Ape Cave or riding fat bikes on the Oregon coast. They can list statistics and location, travel tips and fun facts. All surface. But can they tell someone the feeling of traversing those winding ramparts of an ancient lava tube? Or what the ocean smells like while ripping around the beach on a bike? That’s what we love to do at 50 Campfires: Introduce car campers to the outdoors and inspire them to get out and explore, camp, cook, and enjoy being outside. Everyone at 50 Campfires is glad to have shared those memories with you and have you be a part of giving our hundreds of thousands of fans and visitors and insider’s look at adventures around Portland.


With our Nissan Titan loaded down with gear and our Lance Camper in tow, we made our way through the winding streets of Portland to the Shwood factory. Our factory tour opened our eyes to unconventional American manufacturing and what is possible with a vision and hard work.

After our tour with Eric Singer, he was gracious enough to take us drift boat fishing on the Sandy River.


Bob Rogers from Lance Campers joined us to be featured in five videos we are calling Trailer Tips. We covered everything from setup to hooking up power and water. After a busy day of hiking and shooting product photos for Zippo 6-Hour Hand Warmers, Jeff from Silver Grill reaffirmed our belief that just because your camping, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat incredible food.


Every once in a while you meet someone who has found their true calling in life. Kelly, from Kelly’s Marina, is definitely right where he belongs. Crabbing was an amazing experience. Not only did Kelly take us out on the water to catch crab, he cooked them up when we got back to the harbor. It does not get fresher than that!

That night, The Kid joined us for a campfire jam session. We cooked food, listened to music, and enjoyed good company.

It seemed fitting to test out some incredible COAST headlamps on, where else, the coast riding fat bikes in the sand.


If we had to describe one word to summarize Thursday, without question it would be “rain.” As with any camping trip, weather can play a major role in what you are able to accomplish in a day. Luckily our Lance Camper was our safe haven for the wettest parts of the day. We were able to salvage our second-to-last day in Oregon when the rain intermittently broke and we were able to capture some incredible photos and shoot several camping tips videos.


With our friends Tania and Luke from Hi-Tec by our sides, we ventured into Ape Cave to explore the winding ramparts of the unknown. Coming from Minnesota, the lure of hiking an ancient underground lava tube at the base of Mount St. Helens is too good to pass up. Going it solo or with a group of friends on a day trip exploring is a fantastic way to spend the day outdoors and we couldn’t have asked for a better final day on the West Coast.

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