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Fishing Gloves: The Tundra From Fish Monkey

Fish Monkey’s Tundra Mitten-Glove and New Tundra EX render cold, wet weather irrelevant

Fish Monkey features the single most comprehensive line of condition – and situation -specific fishing gloves available. Among its nineteen diverse glove styles, Fish Monkey offers seven distinct models that beat back cold-weather so you can concentrate on getting the job done.

As a convertible mitten and a glove all in one garment, the Tundra provides both the unbeatable warmth of full-finger protection and the dexterity of a half-finger glove.

fishing gloves
Image courtesy of Fish Monkey

Constructed of water – and wind – proof fabrics, and packed with Thinsulate™ insulation, Fish Monkey’s two-in-one mitten-glove flips open for fingertip functions and closes quickly to lock warmth back in. Polar Fleece lining adds a secondary layer of comfort, while a PU Leather Monkey Grip palm provides a non-slip grip. Extended neoprene cuffs hold in the heat.

fishing gloves
Image courtesy of Fish Monkey

New for fall and winter, Fish Monkey also just unveiled its Tundra EX Series — a totally waterproof, premium insulated full finger fishing glove. Fish Monkey’s “Cold Busting Technology” wraps your hands in total warmth, dryness and comfort, while you focus on the task at hand and take your winter fishing to the next level.

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