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Product Spotlight: Thule Passage Bike Rack

If you’re looking to bike anywhere other than your local neighborhood, you’ll need a way to transport your bike. If you’re like me and drive a Sedan, it’s not going to fit in your trunk, and you probably don’t want to track mud and dirt into the backseat of your car. So what do you do? You buy a bike rack, but not just any bike rack; you want a Thule Passage Bike Rack.

Product Spotlight: Thule Passage Bike Rack

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The Thule Passage Bike Rack is a rear-mount rack so it is perfect for a sedan-style car. The bike rack comes with cables to ensure safety, stability, and protection. Thule also prides itself on being a satisfaction-guaranteed company, which means that if you don’t love your bike rack, you can return it. Carry up to two bikes with this easy-to-use hanging bike rack. The best part about this bike rack is that you can enter your car make and model and find the perfect fitting bike rack for your exact car on Thule’s website.

About Thule

Thule creates products for travelers and explorers looking to explore the world while leading their active lifestyles. Thule prides itself on creating solutions to problems so consumers can enjoy their time in the great outdoors and take in the adventures that are all around us. Thule has been doing this for over 75 years and is committed to developing smart and stylish products. 


The Thule Passage Bike Rack has received excellent reviews since it was launched. Consumers say it is easy to mount and comes assembled, which will save you time and effort. One reviewer who drives a Volkswagen Jetta stated that it fits their small car beautifully, though others warn that the Thule Passage Bike Rack is better equipped for road bikes, rather than mountain bikes.

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