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Ready For Anything: Sea Eagle FishSUP Inflatable Fishing Boat

Fishing from a SUP will never be the same. The new Sea Eagle, super stable, FishSUP FS126 inflatable fishing boat is for serious SUP anglers.

  • Heavy duty .90 drop stitch material covers top, bottom and sides for superior protection against punctures.
  • The 90”x18” thick camo EVA pad not only adds extra protection against sharp fins and hooks, it provides a non-slip, comfortable footbed.
  • The SUP is a full 12’6” long and 40” wide making standing and casting stable and secure.
  • There are multiple d-rings and an elastic cord to keep gear in place and easily accessible.
  • The Sea Eagle Swivel Seat Fish Rig provides a high view of the water.
  • The large d-ring at the back allows for a leash and two small ones to tie down a battery box for your optional electric motor or other gear.
  • The motormount can take up to a 34-lb thrust electric motor but can be removed quickly if you prefer to paddle with either a SUP paddle or double ended kayak paddle.
  • The hunter green bottom & sides will blend into the surroundings and the grey top will stay cool even on the hottest days.
inflatable fishing boat
Image courtesy of Sea Eagle

The FishSUP Fishing Rig Package includes the SUP, Sea Eagle Swivel Seat Fish Rig with two Scotty® Rod Holders, SUP paddle, double bladed kayak paddle, backpack, hand pump and repair kit. It retails for $799 to $1199.

If you’re looking for an extremely economical and stable SUP for fishing that even a novice can easily & safely stand on and want lots of space for gear, plus the ability to use a motor (or not), then the Sea Eagle FishSUP is an excellent choice. It inflates in minutes, packs down to almost nothing, is super portable and ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

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