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The Facekini Is the New Fashion Trend to Protect You From the Sun

The latest heatwave in China is sparking a new fashion trend with facekinis. 

The clothing item is a full face mask with openings for a person’s eyes and mouth. Think of it as a ski mask of lighter fabric that helps people handle extreme temperatures and intense sunlight.

According to The Guardian, the item has been on the market for a few years but recently grew in popularity, particularly in China, where female buyers worry about the sun damaging their skin. The masks are especially popular at the beach; some designs can handle the water, for those taking a dip.

The country set several records throughout July for new all-time high temperatures. The rising heat also pushed energy demands, and China set new production records to keep up with demand. 

Are you looking to jump on the facekini trend? Only a few businesses sell them in the U.S., but larger websites like Amazon have them for sale

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