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Trail Camera Captures Amazing Images of the Rarest Gorilla in the World

An organization focused on wildlife conservation says their cameras captured images of one of the rarest gorillas in the world. It’s called the Cross River gorilla. Researchers believe there are less than 300 of these gorillas left.

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) shared these images from a trail camera, which also captured images of chimpanzees and red river hogs in Nigeria. 

(Source: Wildlife Conservation Society)

“It’s a testimony that our conservation efforts are working, and findings like these are key in shaping WCS’s conservation strategies for wildlife around the globe,” said the WCS in their release.

The images are originally from 2020 but give wildlife officials hope as the images include younger gorillas, meaning the species is actively rebounding their population.

The Cross River gorilla is critically endangered and Africa’s most endangered great ape. Habitat loss is the biggest threat to the species, although poaching is also a problem. 

Check out a few other animals captured on the WCS cameras:

(Source: Wildlife Conservation Society)

Images of this puma come from Mirador-Rio Azul National Park in Guatemala. WCS officials say the noise the animal is making is likely mating behavior.

(Source: Wildlife Conservation Society)

Also out of Guatemala is this jaguar and her cubs.

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