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WATCH: Happy Frolicking Moose Is Having the Best Time

Brian Skakun shares wildlife videos from his trail cameras on TikTok, and he’s captured some great moments the world otherwise would never be able to see. He recently posted a video from his archives showing a happy moose frolicking in a stream. It’s pretty fun to watch. The moose seems to get so much joy from splashing around in the water.

The video, originally recorded from Skakun’s trail cam in 2022, shows a moose running back and forth in a stream, leaping and splashing around. There appears to be no reason for this behavior other than the moose wanting to have fun and cool off on a warm day.

We’ve seen videos of canines, like wolves and coyotes, and bears being playful (we’ve even seen a dog playing with Kamchatka brown bears), but we don’t see too many frolicking-moose videos.

Watch a moose have the best time here:


A trail camera video of a large Moose playing in a pond on a hot day. Prince George BC Canada moose #mooseoftiktok playtime pond beautifulbc princegeorge wildanimals pooltime #tiktokvideoviral coolingoff funny playful tiktokviral happydays

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And in case you’re wondering how comfortable moose typically are in the water, they can, apparently, swim quite fast.

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