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WATCH: Squirrel Jumps Off Courthouse, Slams, and not just Survives but Thrives

If you need some encouragement, this video of a squirrel jumping off a courthouse might be the pick-me-up you need.

Ohio-based Midstate Contractors shared a video this week of a squirrel leaping off the top of the multi-story building, slamming into the pavement, and then scurrying away. 

At first, it might seem like a fluke — a squirrel panicking and then making a rash decision — but, according to the caption, it wasn’t. 

“Typically not everyday you see a flying squirrel leap off a courthouse… but at Knox Co it is everyday!” the company wrote in the caption. “Our crew has noticed this squirrel jumping to the ground every morning so they decided to capture it for proof.” 

Since sharing the video six days ago, the post has garnered nearly 219,000 likes and 5 million views. In the comments, people ask how did (or does) the squirrel survive?

Well, according to the website Science Facts, squirrels have a low terminal velocity compared to other animals. 

The publication said squirrels don’t weigh much so they can spread their legs and increase their total body surface to create a parachute effect. 

“For this reason, the squirrel can resist the impact of that velocity and survive a fall,” the publication states. 


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