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All We Really Want for Christmas is This Adorable Baby Kangaroo

A recently shared video from an animal rescue features what appears to be an adorable baby kangaroo learning to hop back into its makeshift pouch. 

The Kangaroo Sanctuary shared the video. The organization is a donation based animal rescue focused on orphaned kangaroos in Australia. 

Here’s their video:

This little creature is named Pippa. In reality, she’s not a kangaroo. 

As the post says, Pippa is a euro, more commonly called a wallaroo. The animal is somewhere between a kangaroo and a kangaroo’s smaller cousin, the wallaby. Even though they are smaller than a common kangaroo, a wallaroo can still grow up to five feet tall. 

Like many animals found in Australia, wallaroos are marsupials, which means they spend the first few months of their lives in their mother’s pouch. In Pippa’s case, that’s not an option, so the sanctuary uses a makeshift pouch. 

According to wildlife experts, wallaroos will spend the first six months in the pouch before ever leaving. After that, they’ll come and go for the next three months before they’re finally permanently out in the world at nine months. 

Looking for an animal rescued that’s closer to home? This sea turtle was rescued from a trailer park pond in Florida.

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