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How to Elevate Your Fall Hikes, Plus the Gear You Need

Fall is a great time to try some more intense hikes that might be too difficult to attempt in the summer heat. With cooler temperatures and shorter days, you won’t be sweating profusely—at least from the heat. As you get ready to log some of your most intense hikes of the year, make sure you’re prepared with the best gear. 

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Fall Gear

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If you’re going for intensity, pick up a pair of trekking poles for your next fall hike. This set from YUKON CHARLIE’S is easily adjustable and even comes with various feet to adjust to ice, rock, and dirt, as well as offering an extra-long grip. Don’t forget a backpack to keep smaller items in, like water bottles and snacks. You’ll also want  to put your layers in a backpack as you warm up during the day. This one offers enough space for a multi-day adventure.

Be sure you have support and structure for your feet as you take to the trails this fall. These boots by Merell are waterproof with mesh uppers and have flexibility, making your inclines easier. You can also try the Xero Shoes Ridgeway boots, if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that require little breaking-in. 
Stay hydrated even as the weather cools off by keeping your water bottle handy as you hike. Keeping your water cool and easily accessible on the trail is key to tackling those long, intense hikes. In fact, if you’re heading out on a long hike and want to make sure you have more than enough water, try a hydration pack. Whether you just purchase a blatter or the entire pack any of these options will keep you hydrated on the trails.

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