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Kammock Kuhli Rain Tarp: Review

 A good tarp can make or break a weekend. 

Some of the best camping trips I’ve had have been rainy ones. The only reason that’s true is because we always take the time to put up a large tarp, so it doesn’t really matter what happens. If a shower comes through, we play cards and drink beer at the picnic table. Not a big deal. The other thing I’ve learned over the years is that it pays to buy a nice tarp so the eyelets don’t rip out when push comes to shove.

The Kammock Kuhli is built to withstand just about anything. The Hyper-Strong Hypalon reinforces all of the anchor points and is not going to give out. The 15D silnylon is also PU coated, making for an awesomely lightweight, waterproof tarp.

The build quality is fantastic.

My favorite things about the Kammock Kuhli has to be the built-in cord lock adjusters. Yes, tautline hitches work great, but the ease of the adjusters beats them by a long shot. It makes it incredible easy to get a taut hammock that you could bounce a quarter off of. There are 16 reinforced guy out points on it, so you can set up any configuration you want. I found that it’s absolutely perfect for two hammocks. It was easy to adjust it for 100% rain protection from any angle. It packs down to the size of a Nalgene bottle and weighs 20 oz. It of course, is much more expensive than the tarp you’d pick up at the hardware store, but it comes with a lifetime warranty. It would be a welcome addition to any campsite.


Kammock Kuhli
Sharp looking tarp too.
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