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O2 Cool Fans

Stay Cool with this lineup of O2 Cool Fans

When you are out in the elements you are forced to deal with what nature gives you, rain, heat, wind and many other weather factors can affect your camping experience. Heat is one thing that most people don’t handle well and it can be dangerous to your health. The ability to keep cool, even in the outdoors is very important. O2 Cool fans can be really helpful in situations where a plugin is not available as most of their fans do not require an AC outlet.

O2 Cool fans offer a variety of portable fans that can be operated via USB, battery or AC adapter. These are excellent fans for camping and come in a variety of sizes from slim compact models to 10-inch fans with powerful airflow. The USB fan comes in many colors and is compact and will easily fit well in any bag and at the campsite. Some of the O2 Cool Fans come in 5 inch and 10 inch and are battery-powered, offering great airflow and is a perfect fan for inside your tent. The new 5 inch clip fan is battery powered and can hook on to multiple surfaces making it useful in a variety of situations. If you are looking for some serious airflow the tower-misting fan is battery or AC adapter powered and can really move air in a small area. It also has the ability to mist, which is great at the campsite to stay cool. The newest addition of 02 Cool fans is the smart power it is operated by battery or AC power but also has a built-in rechargeable battery with USB power port.

From the manufacturer:

O2 COOL® is the premier designer, producer, and marketer of “cool”, creative, fun and affordable personal consumer products. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of battery operated misting and portable fans, water-cooling hydration products, outdoor accessories, and novelty items.

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