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Watch Colorado Wildlife Officials Rescue a Great Horned Owl

Officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently responded to an area of Colorado Springs to rescue an injured great horned owl. When officers arrived on the scene, they could immediately tell the animal was injured based on how it was acting. 

Wildlife officials shared the video on Twitter/X and said if you look at the owl’s pupils at the end of the clip, you can tell it has head trauma. On top of that, the animal’s wing is obviously injured. CPW Officer Deme McDowell says the animal tried to make a run for it instead of flying away.

Watch the clip:

In the video, you can see Officer McDowell attempting to grab the owl so that they could rescue it from further harm. Eventually, a blanket is thrown over the owl to stop it from running, and officials wrap the animal up with a towel.

Officials say they brought this owl to the nonprofit Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center’s raptor facility in nearby Pueblo. Hopefully, they’ll be able to nurse the animal back to health.

Great horned owls are the most common owl species in North America. Wildlife officials say they’re also the largest owl species in this region. The animal doesn’t actually have horns but tufted feathers that almost resemble horns.

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