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Yakima Bait Company Releases New SpinFish® Sizes

Yakima Bait newly released smaller versions of the very popular SpinFish bait-holding lure. Similarly to the original and popular 3.0 and 4.0 sizes, the new 2.0 (2 inch) and 2.5 (2-1/2 inch) sizes feature the patented pull-apart “Easy-Fill” bait chamber. A scent-dispersing design allows you to fill the bait chamber with your favorite bait and when trolled or still-fished in current, your lure will produce a vibrating, spinning, wounded-baitfish action and alluring scent trail. 

And while the bait that works best might be one found locally, the list of options can include: worm, leech, shrimp, crawdad, herring, anchovy, sardine, squid, goby, or alewife. Once you’ve added the desired bait to the chamber, push the lure halves together and you’re ready to get out on the water and fish. Quick and easy tip, use a cotton ball placed in the front half of lure to slow bait dispersal when using bait such as canned tuna or any other liquid scents.

According to Yakima Bait president and CEO Dan McDonald, “these new smaller SpinFish sizes match smaller forage that walleye, perch, trout and kokanee depend on and larger predator fish often devour too.”  
When rigging the new sizes in combination with conventional sinker or bottom walker, try a 36-to-60 inch leader. To draw fish in, try rigging 18-to-45 inches behind Lake Troll, dodger or flasher. To reduce/eliminate line/leader twist always use in combination with quality swivel, which can be positioned halfway down your leader or a few feet up the main line. Kokanee prefer the faster action a dodger or flasher provides but due to SpinFish producing a lot of its own action a 16-to-24 inch leader might perform best. 

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