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A Woman and Her Dog Are Recovering From Injuries After a Moose Attack

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) says they’re investigating an incident that injured a woman and her dog after a confrontation with a moose.

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According to a press release, the woman was hiking with her dog in Boulder County when they “surprised a moose” on a trail.

The animal charged the woman and headbutted her. The woman says the moose then stomped her several times before leaving. The victim says she walked to a nearby home and called the authorities.

Emergency officials transported the woman to a nearby hospital. The dog also has minor injuries.

When wildlife officials arrived, they could not find the moose. However, they did place several signs in the area to warn other hikers to stay alert and be aware of the animal.

CPW officials say this is a good reminder that moose can be very aggressive, especially if the animal’s calf is nearby. They also say the animal is particularly agitated by dogs. That’s because moose see dogs as predators and will actively defend themselves.

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A full-grown moose near Brainard Lake, Colorado. (Source: Getty Images)

Here are Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s tips when hiking in moose territory: 

  • Consider leaving your dog at home 
  • Always keep your dog on a short leash and under control 
  • Females will defend their calves aggressively 
  • Be aware of your surroundings; do not surprise a moose 
  • If a moose reacts to your presence, you are too close 
  • Take photos and watch moose only from a distance 
  • Moose are not easily spooked and do not fear humans 
  • Bulls will defend their territory at all times, with increased aggression during the fall mating season in late September through November

According to New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, moose can weigh up to 1,400 pounds and stand about 6 feet tall at the shoulder. The animal is the largest member of the deer family. 

Here are some extra safety tips for hiking near moose.

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