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Climbing at the Bottom of the World: Check out This Bouldering Gym at the South Pole

Only a handful of people live in Antarctica. The harsh conditions usually remain below freezing, but that’s not stopping climbers from having a bouldering gym.

The South Pole is mostly home to temporary workers who have jobs as scientists, engineers, or other research-related positions. However, everyone needs to blow off steam sometimes, and a recent TikTok video shared on an Instagram climbing account shows how a bouldering wall is helping.

The video starts with the journey to the building that hosts the climbing cave. It looks absolutely freezing as the narrator heads through the strong, icy winds. Once inside, it seems similar to many smaller climbing gyms, with simple plywood and climbing holds. They create new routes to keep it interesting and even have t-shirts for the “Antarctic Climbing Club.”

How many different climbing gyms have you visited?

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