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The Year in Outdoors: These Were Some of the Most Heartwarming, Epic, and Outrageous Outdoor Videos of 2023

Nature is now front and center thanks to increased technology that captures amazing videos of wild animals, amazing outdoor athletes, and unbelievable interactions in the outdoors. Between affordable trail cameras and everyone having a camera phone, we have access to more nature videos than ever before. While thousands of videos are out there, we’ve pulled out the ten best to capture the most outrageous outdoor videos of 2023.

A Hiker Gives Water to a Snake

We saw record-breaking heat this summer, and even the wildlife felt it. One hiker managed to share water with a rattlesnake on a trail in Tucson, Arizona. Wildlife officials suggest you don’t try this.


This would only happen in Tucson. Repost: @cdkeppel Thirsty rattlesnake – So on the 52nd day of 53 with 100° + temps I came across this rattlesnake. With no real monsoon and excessive heat I decided to see if it needed water. It was a bit shocked at first but right away knew it wasn’t a threat and that it was just water. After drinking a bit the snake rearranged its coils close and tight to capture the water. It was so thirsty I even went back and refilled my water a second time . #igers_tucson #alwaysadventuring #snake #azherps #desertvibes #sonorandesert #oh_arizona #ig_arizona #explorearizona_ #viral #wildarizona #see_arizona #vibes_of_arizona #diamondback #alwayswandering #rattlesnake #conquerarizona #divine_deserts #westerndiamondback #wonderfulsouthwest #instagramaz #capturearizona #arizonahiking #gooddead #visittucson #ig_southwest #arizona_landscapes #atrox #azwildlife #rrawimpact #snake #tucson #water

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You Can Pay To Jump Off This Cliff

Unlike many of these clips with big-name professional athletes who spend years training, this rope swing is open to just about anyone. You just have to pay for a reservation. Location near Moab, Utah, the views are unbelievable as guests work up their courage to make this leap.

Is This the Most Awesome Bear Fight Ever?

Grizzly bears are extremely powerful animals, with few animals able to take them on in a fight. However, in this video from Lake Clark National Park, two grizzlies squared off against each other.

Red Bull Rampage Is the King of Cool Videos

The yearly Red Bull Rampage event brings mountain bikers to southern Utah. The event captures the most amazing videos of athletes pushing a sport to a new extreme. Riders balance on thin lines of sand above steep drops and perform massive acrobatics. It was too hard to pick just one, so here are two clips.

A Parade of Wildlife

Not every video captures a single impressive moment. In this Voyageurs Wolf Project video, researchers captured a wide range of wildlife on camera in northern Minnesota. Animals include a lynx, wolves, foxes, deer, and more.

Humans Misbehaving Near Wildlife

One clip that had plenty of people talking, including authorities in a national park, was a person attempting a selfie next to a bison. In the clip, the person stands dangerously close to the animal to snap a picture. The video sparked an extensive conversation about safety in our parks.

Wolves Are Huge, and This Video Proves It

Dogs and coyotes are often mistaken for wolves. For one thing, wolves are much rarer than the other two, and wolves are enormous. This viral video on Twitter shows how big a wolf can be as it sits next to a woman at a wilderness rescue.

Two Wheels Are Overrated

Not every mountain biker needs two wheels. A group of cyclists showed off what they can do while riding on unicycles. The amount of balance and coordination required is absurd.

Bear Stalks a Hiker in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This social media post tops the list of most hiker’s nightmares. A hiker in Great Smoky Mountains National Park managed to document a black bear following her on trail. The hiker remained calm, but the bear was relentless. Eventually, the hiker got away safely.

Catching the World’s Biggest Wave

An Australian surfer set a new world record by catching one of the largest ever. Laura Enever now holds the record for a woman’s largest wave ever paddled in by riding a 43.6-foot wave in Hawaii.

World’s Fastest Bird Shows Off Its Speed

The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird in the world. When it dive bombs, it can hit speeds up to 200 mph. The bird in this video proves it after dropping its lunch while in flight.

Humans Are Also Good at Diving

Besides birds, humans can also do unbelievable feats, like this world record-setting dive. This “death diver” jumped 132 feet to the water below to enter the history books. The video is terrifying.

Protecting Wildlife

This video is more adorable than outrageous, but it’s worth sharing. In recent years, state and federal organizations have tried to build more wildlife crossings. These bridges give animals safe passage over busy roadways. Utah’s Department of Transportation released this cute video documenting multiple animals and their babies using the bridge.

What is your favorite outdoors video from 2023?

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